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TsoHost offers incredibly cheap hosting solutions that fits just about everyone starting out.TsoHost Review 1


Product Name: TsoHost

Price: $1.90/mo

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Incredibly low price and high performance places TsoHost among the top valuable hosting platforms


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TsoHost Review

TsoHost is a hosting service provider that offers their knowledge of over 500.000 websites across the UK, having the goal to provide their customers with affordable yet high-performance services that will allow them to succeed online.

Unlike other competitors in the market, TsoHost is primarily led by the same founding people and team that have known and loved it since its inception back in 2003. And while it is true that TsoHost is not one of the most prominent or most renowned hosting providers out there, its stable growth, expansion plans, and satisfied customer base point to one thing –this company knows what it’s doing.

Money Back Guarantee

Unlike other hosting providers, the company offers a generous 60-day money back guarantee for all its shared packages. Of course, it’s important to understand the entire agreement before putting your name to it, as the small print does read that a full refund will be issued should a problem with the service occur.

However, what happens if you don’t require the service anymore or have walloped times? Ultimately, it may be down to the company’s judgment call to whether this is or isn’t covered. That’s why you need to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions from the get-go; otherwise, speak to their customer service team.

Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS)

In comparison to shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) provide enhanced performance and advanced customisation options needed by websites that are substantially growing and have increasing demands. In other words, by choosing a VPS you will gain more control over your hosting environment, all while it’s still accessible and comfortable for you to ask TsoHost engineers to help you out with customisation options that would even better serve your needs.

In fact, the same support team will be responsible for the upkeep of the server and the maintenance of your website, continually monitoring performance-related tasks. This process will include ensuring enhanced speed, page reloads, and reliability.

Pros of TsoHost Virtual Private Server Hosting:

99.9% Uptime guarantee

Performance is continually monitored, alerts are set up to ensure the safety of your website; in other words, you’ll benefit from proactive threat detection.

Free website migration

TsoHost is capable of moving your content and data from one website to another without any pesky downtime or influence on your business or customers.

Advanced customisation

Benefit from bespoke software configuration, sophisticated security settings, and spam filtering –all working towards ensuring that your servers meet your business needs.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Servers offer you the flexibility, reliability, and the power needed to ensure that your website will substantially and exponentially grow –without having the stress and extra costs of having to manage your own server.

One of the best things about TsoHost’s dedicated hosting is that the company takes full responsibility for optimizing and configuring your software, all in order to meet your unique set of business requirements. Additionally, they ensure that server maintenance is adequate done, in addition to security patches, and necessary OS updates. This way, you’ll focus on what should matter most to you, the integrity and ideas behind your business model.

Pros of TsoHost Dedicated Hosting:

Free Software Firewall

TsoHost will offer you a robust software firewall that is housed in their privately owned data, ensuring that any errors and threats are treated accordingly by their expert engineers.

Fully managed service

Their expert engineers take care of everything from server maintenance, OS updates, security patches to network uptime – all at no extra cost.

Automatic backups

One of the most important features is that you won’t need to be concerned about potentially losing data, as TsoHost stores it for 30 days; meaning that you can restore anything in just one simple click.

Complex Server Hosting

Unique to TsoHost, Complex server Hosting is a bespoke infrastructure designed and built by the company’s capable engineers. The goal of this system is to provide people with enhances security, performance, and support –especially for websites with a high volume of monthly traffic.

The package includes everything from server maintenance, security patches, OS updates, and network uptime –all while you will receive both guidance and support from the system engineers behind this innovative system.

Pros of TsoHost Complex Server Hosting:

Industry leading SLA

Unlike their competition, TsoHost offer compensation for loss of network, power, or even hardware issues. In fact, they pride themselves on providing custom SLAs on application performance and software uptime.

100% Network guarantee

Housed in their UK-based data center there are multiple tier 1 providers that aim to ensure that you’ll always have 100 % network uptime –which may be a bit of fairy-tale, but they do come damn close!

Proactive monitoring

The dedicated team of engineers works round the clock to proactively monitor threats, alerts, or performance tasks using an innovative tracking technology. In fact, most of the time you won’t even notice an issue –simply because it was fixed before you got out of bed.

Direct support contact

Excellent support is a great determinant of how satisfied you are with a service. With TsoHost’s Complex Hosting, you will have the direct email and phone number of one of their highly skilled engineers –you’ll always feel like a top priority.

Cloud Hosting

With a starting price of only $2.5, TsoHost offers cloud hosting services which are flexible, fast, and secure. Cloud hosting goes by the concept of “divide and rule”, meaning that the resources needed for the performance of your website are spread across more than one server. This process will ultimately minimise the possibility of any downtime in the event that the site crashes or any other problems occur.

This way of explaining what cloud hosting does is also a great way to understanding what it is: since your content and website don’t rely on solely one server, you will have a cluster of them working together to guarantee its safety and performance; thus the name “cloud”. Designed to make your online business and ideas easier there are multiple benefits to having TsoHost back you up:

Pros of TsoHost Cloud Hosting:

Free daily site backup

For added security and peace of mind, TsoHost offers free regular backups of your website, meaning that you can restore data as far back as 30-days.

Free website migration

If your business grows in size and your needs change, TsoHost will migrate your site to a new hosting site without having the issue of any downtime.

Free SSL Certificate

Visitors are safe and sound because you benefit from a free and easy-to-install Let’s Encrypt security certificate.

1-Click app installs

TsoHost’s Cloud Hosting allows you to install over 25 favorite apps with just one-click.

Pros of TsoHost

Excellent Uptime

Uptime can be viewed as one of the most crucial determinants of whether a hosting provider is doing a good job or not, and with 99.98% average uptime, we’d state that TsoHost is doing pretty solid work.

Most new users don’t realize that even the slightest bit of downtime can cost you clients, customers, revenue, and reputation, and that’s why you should ensure you go with a reliable hosting team like TsoHost, BlueHost, or SiteGround.

Page Loading Times

Another critical factor you should bear in mind is page load time. As a user yourself, you probably know how frustrating it is to have to wait for a page to load for longer than 3 to 5 seconds. In fact, you should know that around three-fourths of your traffic will lose interest and move on if your page doesn’t load in that time frame. Thankfully, TsoHost is approximately 32% faster than the competition.


Another benefit that you won’t see with most hosting providers is the fact that the plans, including the more budget-friendly and basic ones, benefit from free daily backups. If you’re new to the world of hosting, this might not seem like a big deal, but you’d be dead wrong about it.

In fact, backups can help you restore lost or stolen data, and you can find an undamaged version of what you once had in a matter of minutes. Additionally, since this is done on a day-to-day basis, it means that you need to have the anxiety of trying to find something –it will just be there.


TsoHost is a worthy competitor to other more reputable hosting providers, especially considering that it’s feature-package, versatile, and quite well-priced. Yes, there are others who offer incredible discounts, but ultimately it seems that TsoHost is more interested in the safety and security of your website. It’s up to you, which one is more important?

Disclaimer: In order to provide you with the latest discounts & reviews, we receive a small referral fee from the hosting company you choose to sign up with.

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