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The versatility and security of choosing SiteGround is worth every extra penny. They also have a batch of incredible tools to maximize your website’s loading speed. guy cooper autograph


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Siteground offers a ton of interesting features including various great cache technologies for optimal performance


  • The best shared hosting you can find on the market
  • Top-notch quality & performance
  • Flawless customer support


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Despite SiteGround’s humble beginning in 2004, more explicitly having solely one employee, this web hosting provider has grown to possess over 800.000 domains worldwide –with numerous centers across Europe, Asia, and the United States.

This impressive hosting behemoth has proven itself as a leader in providing web hosting services to users around the globe, and they must be doing something right to account for this exponential growth. As a consumer, you have to consider a variety of variables when selecting a web hosting service, especially when you are a novice toying with the future success of your business. Between trying to satisfy the interests of your customer base (i.e., storage capabilities, competitive pricing), the server location, e-commerce offerings or other features, the decision meets its fair share of hurdles.

Nonetheless, SiteGround addresses many of these consumer concerns and does this excellently. This is the reason for which the following comprehensive review will serve as a guide to everything SiteGround has to offer, from customer support to different products and services available –from performance-enhancing tools to hosting types. It’s also important to note that many experts consider SiteGround an ideal service for small businesses and individuals looking for quality hosting services, despite its otherwise minor drawbacks.

There should be little surprise, especially considering the company’s philosophy, revolving around server architecture, creating innovative tools to support software solutions, and listening to advise, feedback, and inspiration for both customers and clients that SiteGround comes in contact with.

SiteGround shared hosting

This type of hosting services is increasingly common, especially for smaller-sized businesses that have a limited budget which can’t be stretched to meet the growing demands of the marketplace. Shared hosting involves having multiple websites that utilize one single server, and as a general rule of thumb, you will not know which sites or who you are sharing your resources with. The package involves the idea that “sharing is caring”, meaning that you’ll have a limited amount of server resources you can use per month –typically defined by the hosting company, all before purchasing the deal.

Because many websites exist on one physical web server, shared hosting allows users to benefit from a budget-friendly option that is considered the most economical in the market. Of course, this means that there are certain limitations, including space and storage capabilities we have touched upon earlier. Additionally, since you are technically sharing your network with others (although they won’t have access to your information), you need to choose a company that has built a strong reputation –that’s where companies like SiteGround come into the picture.

With a cost that is amortized over the full range of customers, SiteGround’s web hosting services accommodate for either a business that has just opened its doors or an average-sized company, blog or personal website. For example, if you are selling a service or many products, this is a safe choice for you. Once your business kicks off, and you attract more than 10.000 interested eyes per month, it’s time to outgrow your plan.

The main advantages of SiteGround’s Shared Hosting

Competitive Prices

Simply put, shared hosting should be seen as an excellent choice for businesses and website owners that have a small budget, or for those who have never gotten started in the online world. Once things kick off, you can also upgrade to another hosting package, but with a competitive price of less than $10, there’s no need to plunk down your credit down and instead focus on more important details of your company and dream.

Moreover, SiteGround offers a 30-day money back guarantee for customers who are not impressed with their service, which is another testament that the hosting service holds its customers in high regard –rather than looking to make a quick dollar by sneakily reeling its customers in.

24/7 Technical Support

You may believe that technical support is not essential, and that might be true –until you have a problem, and trust us, you will one day have a problem! It’s not uncommon to hear that many newbies in the world of buying hosting services think that an issue or another won’t happen to them. While this may be true in a fairy-tale land filled with unicorns and rainbows, you will want to have someone to speak to –either through email, chat, or even on the phone.

Additionally, the fact that no technical maintenance needs to be done on your end means that users with little or no technical knowledge can sit back and relax, as their website is in good hands –all this is included in your hosting package.

Integrated cPanel and SSH Access

cPanel that makes it easy to maintain and manage your website, using an intuitive and smart interface.

Cloud hosting

Although SiteGround has gotten rid of VPS hosting, there is something much bigger and grander. Cloud Hosting is the new and improved Linux-based platform in which you can configure servers in a flexible way that allows for reliable and scalable results. Considered an extension of the concept of clustered hosting cloud hosting involves having your websites hosted on multiple servers –meaning that your site will never go down due to lack of resources.

Allowing you to customise your Cloud Hosting plan, SiteGround’s innovative cloud hosting technology also includes a free one-year SSL certificate –making this an auto-scalable and ultra-fast way to satisfy your hosting needs. In other words, whether you’re looking to undertake a small development project and work your way up, or whether you’re hosting a high-traffic enterprise site, cloud hosting is the best current option currently available

The main advantages of SiteGround’s Cloud Hosting

Daily Backups

SiteGround offers regular backups, all while also keeping seven off-site backups of your account, ensuring that no data will ever be lost.

Fully Managed Servers

The offered package involves a day-to-day IT maintenance and configuration of your server software and the entire infrastructure of your website. Moreover, if you’re tired of putting up with delayed services, it’s time to be surprised –SiteGround has a less than 10-minute policy on replying to customer complaints or tickets.

Customizable Service

SiteGround also allows you to entirely customize your service, being able to specify things like operating system, location, power, and an array of other different features.


Undoubtedly more reliable than shared hosting, cloud hosting isolates each service in order to ensure that the possibility of spilling over into other sites won’t even cause you, the customer, any anxiety or affect your server’s performance.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting has become increasingly popular, and many hosting competitors are offering this service in abundance. However, not every service guarantees to oversee the installation of your managed WordPress hosting –ensuring automated daily updates and backups, staging, content management, enhanced security, caching, and other useful features. In fact, SiteGround allows you to do a one-click installation of the software, in addition to a free account transfer.

Once upon a time, SiteGround did offer a free domain name, but despite this no longer being the case, several discounts may still peak your interest, like the ones found here. Similar to the shared hosting plans in regards to price, you can either choose the one, two, or three-year contract for your WordPress hosting needs. Once this is done and dusted, you can log into your new SiteGround WordPress and create pages, galleries, and posts –similar to what you would do with any other self-hosted websites.

However, if you want a non-managed WordPress website, you can choose that option too, using the site’s third-party application library –called Softaculous. This process will slowly and efficiently walk you through the installation process, even letting you unable to the Clef plugin. This little plugin will give you the chance to log into WordPress using your phone instead of using the conventional password and username that you have to type in a thousand times. To be honest, we are both pleased and surprised to see these advanced features that make your life easier and decrease your stress levels.

The main advantages of SiteGround’s WordPress Hosting

Blazing Speed

SiteGround’s WordPress hosting platform is built using innovative SSD hardware. In addition to that, the hosting server benefits from a SuperCacher that uses NGINX technology meant to improve the speed –the free CDN also helps make the speed increase.


To ensure the smooth operation of your host security experts are continually monitoring WordPress-related vulnerabilities and are dedicated to updating plugins automatically, making updates to software and content. formally recommends SiteGround as being one of the most efficient and top-rated hosting providers.

Outstanding Support

Using experts that have extensive WordPress experience, this 24/7 service will mean that you won’t need to wait for more than 10 minutes to either chat online or speak on the phone with the hosting provider’s support team. Aiming to continuously achieve 100% customer satisfaction rates this excellent support is partly why customers confidently choose SiteGround.

Dedicated Web Hosting Packages

Dedicated hosting is a hosting configuration that provides a single organization with an entire server to suit their needs –in comparison to shared hosting where there are multiple clients which use that server.

SiteGround’s dedicated servers allow you to choose between a wide array of CPU, RAM, RAID, and storage configurations, being able to configure a server that has around 2TB of disk space and 16GB of RAM. Also, for your monthly data transfer needs, you can benefit from the 5TB that work wonders for small businesses.

You should note that many other dedicated hosting providers offer around 15TB of monthly data transfers, but it will ultimately depend on your needs. However, SiteGround does toss in a one-year SSL certificate which is free of charge; thus you must weigh your options and decide what makes the most sense for you and your unique business needs. Possibly another drawback to consider is that SiteGround solely offers Linux-based dedicated services and that those looking for Windows versions might not want to stick around and wait for the creation of this option.

The main advantages of SiteGround’s Dedicated Hosting

24/7 VIP Support

Incredibly fast support by real experts is a must for essential computing functions or websites. Reboots are available upon request, and as we’ve become accustomed, these professionals are available for chat, phone, and support tickets.

This quick and efficient support will ensure that a site’s disruption levels will be kept to an absolute minimum, and with a 24/7 per day support available 365 days per years, your hosting needs are covered


Choosing SiteGround’s dedicated hosting platform means that you’ll be able to deploy innovative security measures, including anti-virus and firewall configurations that will be tailored to your unique business needs. Not only will you be able to avoid website vulnerabilities that could be introduced by neighboring clients (in shared hosting), but you will also have a dedicated data center that offers updates and other security measures –mantraps or biometric authentication.

Save yourself the congestion problems

Shared hosting options are less efficient when it comes to dealing with server congestion, as you run the risk of slower performance due to the usage levels of other applications or websites hosted on that same server –all competing for CPU usage, bandwidth, or disk space.

The very nature of dedicated hosting is designed to ensure the opposite, as you are the sole authority for that server. This process means that you’ll be able to ensure that all of your other websites are not disrupted, and that performance won’t become questionable.

Reseller Web Hosting

For those who are not willing to deal with infrastructure matters, or don’t have the knowledge, SiteGround’s reseller hosting packages are quite attractive alternatives. Starting at a competitive price of less than $45 these servers boast more than 10GB of storage capabilities, non-limited monthly data transfers, unlimited emails, and free backups.

SiteGround maintains that their reseller hosting service is designed for developers and web designers intended on managing their customer’s website for the long haul, making it seamlessly easy for you to have a reliable service –all while increasing your revenue at the same time. Yes, other services go the extra mile concerning specs (i.e., Hostwinds), but there are still advantages to SiteGround’s Reseller Hosting.

The main advantages of SiteGround’s Reseller Hosting

Guaranteed Uptime

SiteGround has nearly an unmatched uptime that leads to reliable results of over 99.99% -that’s a pretty confident and competent achievement.

White Label Option

Non-branded cPanel and Private DNS upgrade meant for more efficient server name branding.


When it comes to customer support, SiteGround offers a plethora of security options that you’ll be impressed with, including an SG Site Scanner that will let you know if and when your website is under attack. But that’s not it, as many tools such as SpamExperts or SpamAssassin continually scan all the content and link connected to your homepage –ensuring that there are clean and virus-free.

Another feature which you might be impressed with when it comes to security support is called Leech protect, which simply put will prevent you from publicly or unknowingly posting your password. We’ve also discussed CloudFlare and its content delivery network (CDN) that work together to ensure an added layer of security and performance. In addition to SiteGround, we’ve only heard of Bluehost being able to offer this type of CloudFlare account option, which is quite impressive to know.

Should you encounter an issue, SiteGround’s online chat is quick to come to your aid, never having to wait longer than 10 minutes to get a reply or speak with a representative. Whether you’re confused about an update, have a maintenance problem, want to ask a question or expect to receive an optimised WordPress hosting service, you will receive a clear and precise response. Support is available 24/7, and you can even scroll through the company’s knowledgebase –containing articles, wizards, tutorials, and other little bits of pieces, should you wish to be self-reliant.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re worried that this option might not be for you, there’s no need to worry –there is a 30-day cancellation option that allows you to try out and play with the different features and options available, and change your mind should it fail to meet your expectations.

SiteCheck Tool

We believe that support is much more than any human aid you can receive, and SiteGround seems to agree. By integrating an automatic scanning tool that checks your website, the hosting providers offer an innovative and intuitive option that periodically scans for any malware in the code or on your site. Not infected computers will mean less irate users that will complain about it. The point was proven!

Pros of SiteGround Hosting

When choosing a web hosting provider, there are a few elements to take into consideration, including speed, support, and uptime. In fact, experts often attest that these three are the most critical features that will influence your website’s success.

High Uptime (99.98%)

SiteGround likes to shy away from ready-made solutions that may or may not work. Instead, the company has a preference for in-house crafted alternatives that ensure a high-quality hosting experience for all its users. Built on a Linux platform that offers incredible stability despite unexpected traffic spikes, SiteGround has introduced the concept of account isolation. This process is meant to guarantee user security, ensuring that both content and software are a top priority.

Additionally, SiteGround is renowned for having built proactive and intuitive servers that continually monitor servers every 0.5 seconds. Noticing errors is one thing, but SiteGround’s hosts allow for fixing problems without any human intervention – granting for excellent uptime. In fact, our tests show that an average uptime for SiteGround is of around 99.98%, and this appears to be about 0.19% better than other competitors. It can’t get better than that!

Knowledgeable Support

SiteGround pays particular attention when it comes to delivering excellent customer service, and that’s pretty impressive when considering the big picture: over 800 phone calls, 2.500 live chat requests, and over 2.000 tickets per day. Although these numbers are staggering, only 230 people are working at SiteGround to ensure that each customer is well-taken care of. If English is not your language of choice, you can opt for either Italian or Spanish, and note that every question, complaint or request will be answered professionally. In fact, CMS questions are not uncommon when it comes to SiteGround reps, and these professionals are able to go above and beyond hosting related issues.

SiteGround has a continuous client satisfaction rate of over 96%, which is much more than we can say about other hosting services. When trialing this service, we didn’t need to wait longer than 15 seconds. If only more services were faster and more knowledgeable, fewer users would feel irate and drop their contracts.

Free Security Add-Ons

We have spoken about SiteGround’s security options before, not only relating to WordPress related services, but also for other packages. In fact, sites of all shapes and sizes can rest assured that they are protected –amongst tools you can find SpamExperts and SpamAssassin, Leech Protect, hotlink protection, IP address block lists, and many others.

Additionally, you can use a HackAlert Monitoring system, a system which proactively alerts to if your account has been compromised or hacked –by checking your website on a daily basis.


SiteGround has more than proven itself as a behemoth in the hosting service market and is the ideal choice for smaller business newbies looking to get their footing into the online competition. Designed to appeal to sole proprietors and independent business that don’t have superior web skills or a lot of time to deal with software related issues, SiteGround is definitely an option to consider. Particularly if you aren’t expecting a flood of users to reach your website day in and day out and don’t concern yourself with unlimited monthly data transfer capabilities, SiteGround has some competitive and budget-friendly options that will entice you.

Additionally, all the security features that we have previously mentioned are meant for small businesses which are highly vulnerable to website attacks or malware problems. In fact, the chances are that most of these small-scale companies are not going to know about the potential dangers and might even be in denial of a possible service attack –failing to invest in a site scanner tool to deal with this. In other words, SiteGround does its customers a solid by offering impressive security features that could one day save their business; this can be viewed as pro-activeness at its best.

As your business gets bigger and you’re looking for higher bandwidth allotments and storage capabilities, there are other hosting providers that you can choose from. However, despite the non-beefed-up storage options, SiteGround is an all-around ideal choice for smaller and medium-sized operations.

Disclaimer: In order to provide you with the latest discounts & reviews, we receive a small referral fee from the hosting company you choose to sign up with.

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