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Godaddy offers incredibly cheap hosting solutions that’ll work for most of their clients needs


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  • Well known brand with great customer support


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  • A bit annoying with all the aftersales
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There is no denying that starting a business requires a strong web presence, including deciding to provide your website with an excellent foundation. Should you be looking for a web hosting service capable of achieving just that, GoDaddy is a worthy competitor in this increasingly demanding market.

Ideal for both commercial and personal hosting purposes due to its reliable uptime, excellent customer service, generous discounts, and Windows-based or Linux-based servers, GoDaddy has a lot to offer its customers. While they don’t offer a 70% discount like Bluehost, Godaddy is certainly among the top 3 hosting providers. With multiple well-rounded packages that are comparable to other industry giants such as Bluehost, SiteGround or award-winning A2 Hosting, its hosting solution can satisfy your website needs.

Unconvinced? That’s why we’re here, and in this article, you will find a comprehensive review of everything that GoDaddy has to offer. Now you can make a confident decision which won’t plunk down on your credit card –allowing you to get past the holiday period with a broad smile on your face!

Web Hosting Packages

1.    The Economy Plan

There are quite a few things that you can benefit from regarding this relatively inexpensive package of less than $8 per month, including 100GB of storage, unlimited data transfers, the ability to host one website, and a free version of Microsoft 365 Business email.

2.    The Deluxe plan

Starting at $10.99 per month or $5.99 per month (provided you choose the annual commitment) the Deluxe package offers unlimited storage and unlimited domains.

3.    The Ultimate package

With a starting price of $16.99 per month, or $7.99 per month with an annual commitment, GoDaddy will offer you a DNS management tool, double the processing power (solely for the Linux-based servers only), and a one-year secure socket layer (SSL) Certificate.

Shared Web Hosting

Although GoDaddy does charge a monthly fee for either its Windows-based or Linux based services, it does significantly reduce the price should you commit to an annual package or multi-month deals. Additionally, despite the fact that you need to sign up should you wish to opt for the month-to-month service, the benefits you are provided with might be more appreciated by larger companies and those with a significant hosting budget. By contrast, bloggers with a tight budget or starting entrepreneurs might not be as happy with the lack of a single-month option in their Economy package.

Nonetheless, you will get quite a bit for your money, especially considering that you’ll be provided with 100GB of storage capabilities, free and unlimited data transfers, along with a choice of Linux- or Windows-based servers.

The main positives of GoDaddy’s Shared Hosting:

24/7 Customer Service Support

The round the clock supervision, technical support, and maintenance give you uptime reliability


The hosting provider takes care of the entire administrative process.

The use of cPanel

Meant for your ease and convenience, so that you can hit the ground running with the industry-standard control panel you’re already familiar with.

VPS Web Hosting

When it comes to GoDaddy’s VPS plans, there is a lot of bang for your buck. More specifically, starting at around $16 per month, you are offered unlimited data transfers, unlimited emails, and domains, along with your choice of Windows or Linux-based servers. Additionally, GoDaddy throws in even more –a free SSL certificate, 240GB of storage capabilities, and 8GB of RAM.

In other words, you’ll be able to enjoy upgraded resources that you won’t need to share with as many people –in comparison to shared hosting. The upside is that you also won’t need to pay the same price as with dedicated web hosting, all while this solution is robust enough for medium-sized businesses and personal websites. This process gives you more power, flexibility, and control than the shared hosting, but it also costs a bit more.

The main positives of GoDaddy’s VPS Hosting:

Server Safety

Unfortunately, some hosting providers can take hours to get your server up and running. By contrast, GoDaddy needs just a couple of minutes.

Find your roots

Whether you want to install PHP, server level proxy or anything else, it’s good to know you’re in charge.


Considered the world’s most popular open source database, GoDaddy offers the chance to get MySQL with all of their Linux server plans.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Available in both Windows and Linux configurations, GoDaddy’s Dedicated Web Hosting plan can hold up to 32GB of RAM, unlimited monthly data transfers, and a whopping 2TB of data storage. The main downside, however, is that this plan doesn’t include email, which then needs to be purchased separately and is a different cost in itself.

Another option which is not included but is needed for all businesses, big or small, is the Site Backup. For just $5 you can get an additional 50GB so that you can travel back in time and recuperate any stolen or lost files that you might want again.

The main positives of GoDaddy’s Dedicated Hosting:

VIP Access

You now can install PHP or Magento, all while editing or adding server files and data as you see fit. In other words, you will have root access.

Upgraded plans

With GoDaddy’s dedicated hosting, you can update policies and plans at any time, even without having to re-provision.

Disk Mirroring

You gain full access to install server level proxy, modules, PHP and many other features.

WordPress Web Hosting

When it comes to WordPress, GoDaddy has thousands of advantageous plug-ins, in addition to the automatic software updates and nightly backups that ensure that all of your information is kept safe and secure.

Unsure of how to install the CMS? You don’t need to, as GoDaddy has pre-installed software that means you won’t have to lift a finger. Once installed and ready to go, you are free to create posts, galleries, pages, and anything else you’d like to see on your website.

There are quite a few options to choose from, ranging from the Basic plan that comes with solely one domain, 10GB of storage and the capability of supporting up to 25.000 visitors per month –all for $7.99. The second option, called Deluxe, allows for 15GB and 100.000 monthly visitors, for the price of $9.99.

The alternative is the Ultimate plan, with 30 GB of storage and 400.000 monthly visitors, in addition to malware scanning, removal of errors and the ability to host two websites at the same time. The price difference isn’t extreme because at $14.99 per month you get a lot more than with other hosting providers. Lastly, you have the Developer plan which costs $24.99 and allows for 50GB of storage, the ability to store a generous number of sites (five in total), and 800.000 visitors –ideal for big businesses for a lot of traffic.

The main positives of GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting:

Entirely Managed

You can rest assured that the technical stuff will be left to the experts –from automatic setups to core updates or backups, DDoS protection, 1-click restores, server optimizations or others.

Award-winning support

Proclaimed the largest WordPress hosting provider, GoDaddy has customer support available 24/7, for any WordPress concerns or advice you might need.

Personal bodyguard

A security team is responsible for monitoring and deflecting any errors or data breaches –you can rest assured that everything is in safe hands.

Pros of GoDaddy Hosting Services

Excellent Customer Service

Featuring 24/7 telephone support, ticket system, and live web chat, you can have the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, you can get it resolved. In fact, by testing out both the telephone line and the live chat, we quickly observed that in less than a minute someone was available for both those services –which is particularly important when you’re in a panic and don’t know what to do next.

To evaluate the quality of the response, we asked for the main differences between VPS hosting and dedicated servers, and we were pleasantly surprised to find a professional and comprehensive answer that seemed neither rushed nor scripted.

In other words, it appears that the customer service reputation GoDaddy has lived up to the experience that others have had –prompt, professional, helpful, and high-quality.

Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike conventional money-back guarantees made by other hosting providers, GoDaddy offers a 45-day gap in which you can change your mind about their products and services. The standard period is usually around 30-days to get a full refund. Thus it’s nice to see a company that is confident in its products –enough to have an extended window.

Dependable Uptime

Website Uptime is undoubtedly one of the most important factors influencing a hosting service, and that’s because an unusable website will deter customers from making purchases of services or products –ultimately losing reputation, revenue, and potential repeat customers. Fortunately, GoDaddy is quite dependable when it comes to Uptime.


Managing over 60 million domain names, GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registrars in the world, and there is a good reason for that. Offering one of the most comprehensive set of building tools for your website, the hosting provider is an excellent alternative to other famous hosting names that charge a higher price yet offer less.

Disclaimer: In order to provide you with the latest discounts & reviews, we receive a small referral fee from the hosting company you choose to sign up with.

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